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Looking after landlords


Why use an agent?

With everyone looking carefully at expenditure these days, you may feel that you can’t afford the luxury of using an agent. The real question is – Can you afford NOT to use an agent?

There are a large number of reasons why landlords will use an agent. These include:

  • Exposure. Looking for a tenant to rent your property? An agent will have all the marketing in place to give your property maximum exposure in the marketplace. Media and technology are key factors to the success in finding the most suitable tenant for your property that will limit any possible void to a minimum. Erecting boards outside the property, window displays and local advertising are just the start; putting your property onto our website, then onto national property databases and search engines, mailshotting prospective tenants with letters, texting and emails, all give your property the maximum exposure.
  • Expertise. Like most things in life, letting your property has become more complicated. Client accounting rules, tenancy deposit protection, fire and furnishings regulations, electrical safety, gas inspections, tenancy agreements, public health matters; the list of complex legislation goes on and on. As an individual it’s virtually impossible to keep up to date with all these rules, but a professional letting agent will be up to speed on all the latest requirements and keep you safe from fines, penalties and even criminal action which you could fall foul of on your own.
  • Experience. You may be new to letting, or have a significant portfolio of let property, but a property professional will have made a career of dealing with hundreds, even thousands, of properties, and the experience they gain is all available to you as part of the service. Whatever situation may crop up with your property, be it a maintenance issue, problems with tenants or a refurbishment program, a professional agent has been there before and will make sure you get the right advice and support all the way.
Why Alexander Philips?
  • Our marketing. We use a wide range of marketing tools to get your property in front of tenants. Traditional methods like window displays, local advertising and boards are supplemented by more modern methods; our website, internet property portals – including a fully featured presence on Zoopla – gives your property huge exposure on the web. Industry standard software tools provide us with the means to match up tenants with the property they want. Plus our modern and entirely different approach to ‘the office’ means that tenants have a relaxed and positive environment to view property details and pictures. That’s different!
  • Our fees.
    We offer a range of fee plans to suit your property and needs, as described below. If you like Traditional Management on a standard percentage, we can work that way, but many landlords want to make sure their property performs the way its meant to. With Alexander Philips guaranteed rental income landlord plans we can make sure your income is not only profitable, but also protected.
  • Our staff. Property is a people business, so our people are, well, good people! With plenty of experience of the industry, our people have a huge amount of experience in the letting industry, but at the same time they’re personable and pragmatic. We take pride in knowing all of our tenants and landlords personally, and we aim for a relaxed and friendly relationship with them – from the start. Come in and see us in our newly fitted office, and you’ll see what we mean! But in terms of credentials, take a look at the Find Out About AP page and you’ll see we’ve got what it takes! That’s nice!
  • Our track record. Building a property business in these economic conditions isn’t easy, but we’ve got a track record that many agents would just die for! How have we done it? Simple – do a good job for a fair price, and get recommended. We’ve doubled the size of our business in the last 18 months by doing just that. That’s impressive!

Traditional Property Management
  • All Inclusive Managed. Want your property handled 24/7 for a fixed percentage of rent and just get a monthly payment? Then our All Inclusive Managed package is for you. We’ll handle the tenant find and all rent collection, plus we’ll make sure your property is not just in tip top condition, but also complies with all the latest regulations on electrics, gas, fire and furnishings etc. We have a selected team of people to look after your property, or you can tell us who you’d like to use; either way, you’ll get great service without any of the hassle. It’s a comprehensive service at a realistic fee.


Letting with us is your key to success!

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