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Buying a Property


Congratulations! You have made the decision to buy a new home – that’s a big decision!

With Alexander Philips you know you’ll be dealing with an agent who really cares about you and your move. We’re not just here to tell you about a property – we will help you with preparation, selecting the property & all the way up to your moving day.

Right now you are faced with a bewildering array of legal, financial and emotional issues! Buying a property can be a real roller coaster ride, and to minimise the delays, costs and sometimes upsets in the process, some careful planning is required .A good starting point is to come into our offices in Broadwater Road; you can park outside and take a look at our stunning window display, then come in for a chat. We can help you identify the key points for your perfect property, show you the properties we have on offer, and then help you make detailed plans for moving home. That way we can make sure that everything falls into place nicely, and no one gets disappointed because the sale wasn’t planned properly.

Of course, if you are looking to sell your existing property in our area, we can help you too!


What Happens Next?

It may be a while since you bought a property, so here’s an idea of what happens from start to finish.


  • You will probably find a property you like on the internet, or maybe from our local advertising, and get in contact with us
  • You will then come into our offices and meet the team, find out what we do, and telling us all about your property requirements and go through our registration process
  • We will contact you to let you know about any properties we take on that we feel may suit your requirements
  • We will make one or more appointments for you to visit the properties. All viewings are accompanied by one of our team
  • Once viewed, we will discuss the properties with you, and then if you wish to make an offer, we can guide you through, contacting the owner & presenting your case
  • Once the owner has accepted your offer, we will let you know and can then pass the information to your solicitors. If you need help, we have special deals with selected solicitors to help keep the fees down.

What Does It Cost?

Buying a property will incur a number of expenses, and it’s worth having a checklist to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Some of the expenses you may incur are as follows:


  • Solicitor’s fees for the conveyancing – you’ll have to cover your own costs. We can help with this – ask about our special deals.
  • If you are paying off a mortgage or other loans, there may be a settlement fee and/or an interest penalty
  • Various contracts like phone, internet or satellite may be fixed term and need to be ended early – they may make a charge.
  • You may find a few small improvements or maintenance jobs should be made before selling the property – you want it to look good!
  • You will need to move your possessions – that may involve removal company, shipping and storage costs
  • Our fees for selling your property

Don’t forget that you will have lots to do when you move – we will give you a guide to help you along.

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