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Selling Your Property


Selling your property can be one of the most significant transactions that you undertake in your life. Apart from the sums of money involved, moving you home affects your life hugely and once committed you can’t change your mind! It’s also something most people don’t do very often, so it’s probably not something you are familiar enough to do without help. That’s where we come in.

At Alexander Philips we understand about moving home. We’ve been helping people find new homes for years, and we know how important a change of home is. Because we help so many people to find new homes, asking us sell your property makes good sense.

We have great offices in Worthing with state of the art window displays and marketing. We have a great internet presence with online portals as well as our own distinctive website & investors club portal. We have a good number of boards on display in the surrounding area, and have a list of buyers waiting to purchase property.

But we’re not a set of statistics – we’re a friendly bunch of enthusiastic people working hard to meet our goals – finding the right home at the right price for our buyers. Why not give us a call or pop into our offices, and you’ll see what we mean!

Plus, if you are looking to buy a property in our area, we can help you too!


What Happens Next?

It may be a while since you sold a property, so here’s an idea of what happens from start to finish.


  • You will meet the AP team to find out about us and what we do, and tell us all about your property
  • We will visit the property, measure up and give you a market appraisal on the spot
  • We will write to you with a formal valuation and a proposal to sell your property. Once signed and returned, we can spring into action
  • We will prepare your property particulars and let you check them before launching your property into the market – on the Internet, with a board and in our offices – and let suitable waiting buyers know.
  • With any prospective buyer, we will make enquiries to check that they’re really able to go ahead before viewing, and then if they make an offer, we will pass it on to you.
  • Once we have an acceptable offer, we will negotiate the deal and pass the information to your solicitors
  • In due course, your buyer will exchange contracts with you and a deposit will be paid
  • On completion, the keys are handed over to buyer and your solicitor will remit the proceeds to you as agreed

What Does It Cost?

Selling your property will incur a number of expenses, and it’s worth having a checklist to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises. In addition, if you are buying another property, there will be costs incurred – for a checklist of those, please see our ‘for buyers’ guide.

Some of the expenses you may incur are as follows:


  • Solicitor’s fees for the conveyancing – you will have to cover your own costs. We can help with this – ask about our special deals.
  • If you are paying off a mortgage or other loans, there may be a settlement fee
  • Various contracts like phone, internet or satellite may be fixed term and need to be ended early – they may make a charge.
  • You may find a few small improvements or maintenance jobs should be made before selling the property – you want it to look good!
  • You will need to move your possessions – that may involve removal company, shipping and storage costs
  • Our fees for selling your property

Don’t forget that you will have lots to do when you move – we will give you a guide to help you along.

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