Tips for getting your rental property ready to let 

Success in the rental market

Follow our recommended steps for making sure your rental property is in top condition, ready to hit the letting market and attract quality tenants:

Make your rental property shine 

Hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean your buy to let property, including floors, carpets, windows, and all appliances. A clean and well-maintained property will attract quality tenants. 

Prioritise your boiler service 

Prior to renting out your property, ensure the boiler is in good working order. Book a professional boiler service to check for any issues and make sure that your tenants will have access to reliable heating and hot water. 

Protect your rental income 

Prevent water damage to your property by clearing gutters of debris and address any maintenance tasks, to maintain proper drainage and avoid potential leaks. 

Letting property repairs and maintenance 

Take time to address any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks before listing your property to rent. By ensuring the property is safe and functional, you can provide tenants with a comfortable home and minimise the need for maintenance during their tenancy. 

Make your rental property feel like home 

Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint to refresh the space and make it more appealing to potential renters. Keep colours neutral and don’t forget to touch up any scuffs or marks on the wall. 

Landlords in Sussex

By making sure your property is ready to rent, you can attract quality tenants. If you are a landlord with homes to rent in Sussex, get in touch to see how our property letting team can maximise your return on investment. 

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